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Five Great Reasons to Choose Mid-West Family Madison! DIVERSITY_STAT

  1. Inclusive Community Engagement: We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. We do interviews with local community members heard on the radio and audio streaming platforms.
  2. Celebrating Cultural Heritage: We recognize our community's rich cultural tapestry. La Movida celebrates the traditions of family and community through festivals like Viva Mexico, the Hispanic Heritage Luncheon, and its presence at the Dane County Fair. Jamz promotes cultural diversity by celebrating Black-Owned Restaurant Week and Black History Month.
  3. Empowering Success: We are committed to individuals within the Latino and Black Communities. We support the Catholic Multicultural Center, School Supply Backpack Drive for Kids, and Gifts for Kids, supported by listeners and local businesses. Please join us as we strive to remove barriers and create opportunities for success.
  4. Collaborative Partnerships: Building strong relationships is at the core of what we do. We offer unique opportunities to amplify your brand voice, which will drive meaningful growth for your organization.
  5. Health and Wellness: We prioritize the well-being of community members.  We communicate about resources, workshops, and activities that support a balanced and healthy lifestyle in underserved communities.

All eight Mid-West Family Madison stations participate in this 39-hour Radiothon. For these three 13-hour days, on-air staff broadcast live from the lobby of the

American Family Children’s Hospital to tell the inspiring stories of patients, families, and staff. Be sure to keep your tissues handy!

Area businesses clamor to sponsor this event and have the opportunity to tell all our listeners about their experiences and why they chose to be a sponsor. Over the last ten years, you've helped us raise over $6 million dollars.

Q-munity Involvement—It’s in Our Blood

Would you pay $100 to attend a concert if you didn’t know who was playing? We didn’t think anyone would either, but when we launched Storytellers Jam, we proved ourselves wrong so many times we now do two shows a year that sell out within 24 hours.

It’s about the music, the musician, and the story—and this story includes raising more than $10,000 per show for the American Family Children’s Hospital.

One Man — 28 Hours — $24,000! This is what happens when Mid-West Family’s Randy Hawke takes on a cause, and the rest of the crew steps up and pitches in.

Randy broadcasted live for 28 hours straight, and Radiothon for Vets raised $24,000 for local veterans’ charities. We have a few goals besides seeing Randy sleep deprived. We want to ensure veterans are aware of the opportunities and services available to them in our area. We also want to let people know about the opportunities they have to help area veterans. We aim to raise funds to help organizations that serve our veterans.

One Small Request for Warmth Launches a 30-Year Holiday Tradition

Holiday Wish started 30+ years ago when a Madison-area woman called to ask for help finding a winter jacket. She didn’t have the means to get one on her own, and she hoped to keep warm for the winter. The morning team got her the warm jacket she needed, and the first Holiday Wish was granted! We are honored to be able to continue to do this every year for our incredible Magic 98 listeners and their families and friends.

DJ Fusion partners with some amazing local businesses to help families maintain the holiday spirit. This community celebration provides gifts for hundreds and hundreds of children who may not otherwise have a present under the tree. 

Giving families hope through unity in the community and the power of radio! DJ Fusion wants to partner with you to uplift our community and ensure as many children as possible have gifts this holiday season.