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Meet The Experts:

Zach Atherton Headshot

Zach Atherton: Harmon Brothers

Zach Atherton is the Lead Writer and Director of the Harmon Brothers Writers Room, whose scripts have generated over 1.5 billion views, three-quarters of a billion dollars in sales, and are behind viral ads like Lume, Squatty Potty, and Kodiak Cakes. He has a bachelor’s degree in professional writing, a master’s degree in public administration, and a juris doctorate which just barely qualifies him to write ads about poop and body odor.


Theresa Timm: Navaquest

A branding strategy innovator, award-winning broadcast salesperson, advertising pioneer, and Certified Digital Marketing Partner.  Skilled in leadership, staffing, onboarding, training, coaching, consulting, full-funnel marketing strategy, and revenue generation.  A Wizard of Ads Academy graduate and a Walker Management graduate and holds a BS in Music Performance from Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI.

Joe Daguanno

Joe Daguanno: Navaquest

Experienced media, branding, and advertising pro with a demonstrated history of working in integrated marketing and sales operations. Skilled in niche and mass marketing, brand development and strategy, coaching, leadership, and revenue generation. Strong sales professional with a BA focus in Communication Arts/Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.