A Story of Determination and Growth!

Once upon a time, a young woman with a keen entrepreneurial spirit took a job with a local moving company... and the rest, as they say, is history. Under the inspired leadership of Brenda Roessler, this locally-owned company has grown into a powerhouse! 

Moving is stressful. And truth be told, the whole industry is fraught with its share of pitfalls. This makes Mad City Moving's 4.4 Gold Star Google rating something to be extremely proud of. 

Carol O gave a 5-Star review and said, “We were extremely happy with our experience with Mad City Movers. The crew was personable and worked hard the entire time. They were careful not to damage our property or belongings. I would highly recommend them.”

Sara G gave a 5-Star rating and praised Mad City Moving with this statement. “This is my third move with Mad City. Their men are professional, work hard and work fast. They asked where I wanted each furniture piece/box before putting it into the new place. They have moved me into an apartment with an in-building storage unit and packed it very efficiently.”


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Looking to Win!

Mad City Moving wanted to win the digital race and outmaneuver its competition in lead generation and website conversions. They wanted to see measurable results and benchmarking. 

The Mid-West Family Strategy team met with Brenda and brought her a solid plan to fuel her digital plan. 

  • SEO—A forensic-level look at the website revealed areas to focus on for conversion rate optimization
  • PPC/Google Ads—Get the eyes of people in real-time as they look for help moving
  • Blogs and Email Marketing—Content-rich information to fuel the SEO machine
  • Social Media Ads—Targeted to the perfect customer avatars
seo plan

Grow a Little Every Year

Our Partnership began with a respectable Radio Schedule. Thus began our Branding Campaign to get Mad City Moving to be the first name people in the area think of when considering a move.

Two big trucks and 1000's of cases of bottled water! Brenda heard about the Level EF5 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, that leveled 4,000 buildings, including a hospital. She partnered with MWF and donated trucks and drivers to send water to the residents.

Mad City Moving and MWF partnered with the Dane County Fair, the Taste of Madison, and Band Camp to brand the company and get the name on the minds of anyone looking to make a move.

Branding efforts start to really pay off, and now it's time to overhaul the website! Truly respectable year-over-year growth! MWF takes on social media management and continues with strong radio creative. We call this the consistency move!

Mad City continues to build brand awareness and grow its name recognition.

Time for a website overhaul! The new site rolls out, and video is added to the mix!

238% growth in Gross Sales from 2015 to 2022. 
687% increase in website traffic from 2019 to 2022

SEO + CRO = A Powerful Punch

There is nothing like a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy coupled with Conversion Rate Optimization goals and tactics. Seemingly little changes to their website make big impacts!  

  • Highlighted showroom hours, the phone number, and social icons
  • Revised content with easier Call to Action buttons
  • Restructured the Header, Navigation, and Hero Image

Results in the first three months of 2023

  • 190% growth in goal completion
  • 206% increase in goal conversion rate
  • Reduced abandonment rate by 19.13%

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